Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hello Family!

This week was good. I think I always start off with that. All weeks are good as a missionary :).  

We had a good, hot 4th of July. We were walking around in the evening and came across a former investigator and her family shooting off fireworks. She was excited to see us and wanted us to come over. She isn't really interested in religion, but tonight she's feeding us and we're teaching her how to do family home evening. That will be good.

We met a teenage girl recently from a struggling part member family. She was happy to see us and told us she wanted to take the missionary lessons and get baptized!  On Thursday we'd planned to stop by again but every time we went by their house we didn't feel right about it. At about 8:30 we went by again and she and her mom and friend and brother were all outside. They were happy to see us and all wanted the lessons. I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost.  

We were able to see Cassie again this week. We didn't get to see her last week and she hadn't read. She recognized that her week went better when she had. Her sister was there, too, and had actually met sisters before and had some lessons because she'd had a friend who was a less active member. She accepted a baptism commitment, when she finds out what she's learned is true. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Stay cool!

Sister Monson

 Sister Meredith is at the end next to Sarah

Their apartment is on the top floor

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